Inflatable Cushion Bag

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  • Inflatable Bag Sun chips cushion
  • Cheeetos bag inflatable cushion
  • inflatable cushion
  • inflatable cushion
  • inflatable cushion
  • inflatable cushion
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A replica of the bag-shaped packaging of the giant product, for advertising purposes.


Concerts, festivals, congresses, conferences, fairs, competitions, all kinds of events, points of sale, stores, shopping malls, facades, etc.


  • Visual impact due to the greatness that creates remembrance to the client.
    Exaltation of the brand.
  • Easy transportation and installation allows you to take it to various sites or events.
  • Most inflatables last until the next packaging makeover.
    360 degree visual
  • Economical in size-price ratio.
  • Can last for months installed.
  • Specifications
  2x1.2 Meters 3x1.8 Meters 4x2.4 Meters 5x3 Meters 6x3.5 Meters 7x4.2 Meters 8x4.8 Meters
Fabrics Textile Textile Textile Textile Textile Textile Textile
Blower 4500. 4500. 4500. 0.5 HP. 1 HP. 1 HP. 1.5 HP.
Seams Simple Simple Simple Double Double Double Double
Print Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation
illumination Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Bag Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Anchor ropes Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Threads 200 200 200 400. 400. 400. 400.


Textile is made of a high resistance polyester fiber, waterproof and in nine available colors.

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Motor 3 amps, xx CFM Flow, Pressure, 4500 rpm, 12V - 110V - 220V. See more ...
Motor 0.5 HP Force, 330 m³ / h. Flow, 3600 rpm, 375. See more ...
1 HP Motor Force, 530 m³ / h. Flow, 1150 pa Pressure, 750w Consumption.  See more...


All inflatables have internal lighting because they are made of textile.

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Anchoring very well the inflatables is mandatory and different depending on the winds of the area, the time of day, the height above the ground and other aspects, our products have the tensors to anchor, stakes, chazos, hooks, etc. are not included because it depends on the exhibition site.

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Packing List

Anchor ropes
Integrated carrying case

Does not include

Floor mat
Repair patches


Brand enhancement.
Shape fidelity.
Generates visual impact.
Use in different types of events.
Easy operation and cleaning.
Easy transportation.


Requires space and in some cases permits.
No interaction, only for contemplation.
Constant connection to the current.
Must be well anchored.
Vandalism at the event.

Why Us?

We have had the opportunity to work with large, demanding brands and we have delivered.
Our unique software technology allows us to give great shape fidelity.
The machinery and printing process allows us to guarantee corporate colors.
Because the inflatable can't let you down in an activity.

Instructions for Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do I need?

All installations can be done with one person, but it's easier with two people.

Do I have to keep it connected?

Yes, it is indispensable.

Do I need permits?

Permits depend on the private site as a shopping mall or if it is an event or public space depends on the legislation of the city.

How long does it last?

The manufacturing warranty is for one year, but normally the inflatable lasts longer than the change of image of the packaging.

How do I secure it?

To grass or grass with stakes and hard surfaces such as cement with ballast. See more...

What happens if it gets wet?

Preferably leave it until it dries and if it is mandatory to keep it wet it should be inflated the next day to dry, leaving it stored for a long time wet gives bad odor and rots,

Can I change the graphic part later?

If it was initially designed like this, yes, otherwise you cannot.

What kind of artwork do I need for the production?

Here you will find the specifications of the artwork See more... 

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Información de garantía

The warranty of the products shall be for one (1) year and covers manufacturing defects. It does not apply to damage caused by misuse or installation without following the proper instructions, the transportation required for the warranty will be assumed by the buyer.
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Allendale S.A.S
Crr 11 Cll 25, Chia, Cundinamarca.
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