All of our products enjoy a warranty that have passed strict quality control in construction processes and review of the features requested by customers.
1. For breach of customer requested specifications: Once received the product the customer has 5 days to report changes on specifications requested in writing after this time last received is given for compliance. It is your responsibility to check if their product was developed to conform.
2. By manufacturing imperfections: Those that do not allow the proper functioning of the product due to poor preparation and descocido, no engine operation, takeoff, not a valve seal and other functionalities imperfect at the time of delivery or in the exercise of use normally, NOT APPLY TO DAMAGES FOR ABUSE OR FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.
3. Time: the inflatable enjoy motor guaranteed for 2 years from delivery and sealed inflatable six months from delivery, except special developments or have a different application for which it was prepared.
4. Freight: Any kind of warranty will be covered in our offices and the customer will bear the freight.
5. Misuse or abuse: If misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional is not covered by warranty.