Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions
Inflatable Motor
Material: Aero -tex 100 % polyester , 98 % waterproof, weight 162 grams per square meter , repellency to environmental factors. Or Aero -flex high tenacity nylon
and pigmented PVC coated on both sides , weighing 260 grams per square meter ( 7oz ) , waterproof
Include anchor ropes , carrying case , inflated electric engine 110 0220 volts of continuous work, internal lighting system (optional )
and stakes to anchor (optional x application). Part graphic digitally printed with solvent UV resistant
Sealed Inflatables :
The developments are subject to a tolerance of plus or minus 10% of the quantities ordered ,
considered as normal printing process and can be charged on the invoice. In case of variation in raw material us
will be forced to change the price proportionally explaining its incidence.
Arts Requirements :
Send Digital Files in Corel Draw, Photoshop , Freehand or Illustrator. The fonts converted to curves and / or sources
used , the life-size pictures to 96 dpi resolution in TIFF or PSD endings , preferably in layers, the colors should mention
pantone code . For the preparation of replicas of products, we request you send us physical sample.
Delivery time:
Delivery times are negotiable and depends on the availability of the plant.
Maintenance and Warranty Service
To costumes warranty is 2 years for defects and verifiable own production process are . The warranty does not cover damage to the batteries
you should read the use and care manual and lends Factory ..
To inflatable motor warranty is 2 years for defects and verifiable own production process are . The warranty applies from the delivery of the product , and lends Factory .
For warranty Sealed Inflatables is 6 months and verifiable defects are own production process . The warranty applies from the delivery
Product and lends Factory .
Order Processing :
At the time of placing the Purchase Order please specify the most important aspects that we have encuenta , if necessary request a SKETCH with the requested details to make sure it was well understood by our team .
To develop product replicas need to send physical samples or photos of all angles .
If the purchase order is canceled or amended after the start of the production process , the customer will bear the costs incurred.
This quote will be changed in the event that you change quantities , sizes, colors , specifications or arts .
Available colors :
We have a letter with the factory standard colors to the colors of bodies, the others do using digital printing according to your specification.